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Best Gifts of 2020 are all the rage! Bullet Shaped Thermos

If you haven't seen our unique bullet shaped thermoses, take a look now because they are becoming one of the best gifts of the year. Our realistic bullet shaped thermoses are perfect for military, police, hunters, gun enthusiasts, and collectors. We currently offer 2 styles: a gold bullet approximately 14" tall, available logos are the Marine Corp and US Veterans- Or a red/gold Shotgun shell thermos approximately 13" tall. 

We are extremely happy with the 5 star reviews we are getting from our customers, most of them with a military background. They really are as awesome as they look and we guarantee you will like it.  We currently are offering free priority shipping and sometimes can offer same day shipping. We do have one recommendation, get more than 1 because your friends and neighbors will want one too!  We've had a high number of customers returning to get more because they are just that cool!  Please visit our store at